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A reservoir of Indian theses is a digital repository of theses and dissertations submitted to Indian universities. It is maintained by INFLIBNET Centre which is an autonomous Inter-University Centre of the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India, was initially located in the campus of Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. As on 4 October 2016, as many as 293 universities in India have signed MoUs with the INFLIBNET Centre to participate in the Shodhganga project. The full text of all the documents submitted to Shodhganga are available to read and to download in open access to the academic community worldwide.

Theses and dissertations are known to be the rich and unique source of information, often the only source of research work that does not find its way into various publication channels. Theses and dissertations remain an un-tapped and under-utilized asset, leading to unnecessary duplication and repetition that, in effect, is the anti-theses of research and wastage of huge resources. In our university the repository has a Faculty wise collection of both Ph.D and M.Phil Thesis as Follows:

Ph.D Thesis
Faculty of Agriculture374
Faculty of Arts1638
Faculty of Dentistry17
Faculty of Education575
Faculty of Engineering and Technology1093
Faculty of Fine Arts30
Faculty of Indian Languages479
Faculty of Marine Science627
Faculty of Medicine124
Faculty of Science2058
M.Phil Disseration
Faculty of Arts53181
Faculty of Science21675
Faculty of Marine Sciences115
Faculty of Indian Languages45450
Faculty of Engineering and Technology11987
Faculty of Education7415
Faculty of Fine Arts1402
Faculty of Agriculture2521
Faculty of Medicine1185
Faculty of Dentistry0
Reference Materials4090
Competitive Exam Books1822
Other General Books7779