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The university Library is a member of UGC -INFONET E - Journal Consortium. The Internet has now-a-days become an important component in academic institutions as it plays a pivotal role in meeting the information and communication needs of University. UGC - INFONET lab is connected with National Knowledge Network (NKN) with the special assistance by UGC. The INFLIBNET provides seamless access to more than 50,613+ full text e-journals and 3 bibliographic databases from 16 publishers and aggregators in difference disciplines. Through 65 Systems in the UGC-INFLIBNET Digital Library e-Journal Section.

This connection is purely IP Based. Which dose not requires any authentication to access in our campus. So far 433 Universities and other institutions are involved in the program under the purview of UGC, have been provided differential access to subscribed E-Resources. These E-Resources cover almost all subjects in various disciplines. The Programme is wholly funded by the UGC and executed by the INFLIBNET (Information and Library Network) Centre, Ahmedabad.

Main features of UGC-INFONET
ILL Libraries & Article Delivery

INFLIBNET has also initiated interlibrary loans and documents delivery services from the comprehensive collection of subscribed journals under Jgate@UGC-INFONET. ILL is also known as Inter-Library Lending. INFLIBNET has designated 22 Libraries to fulfil ILL request from the users affiliated to 149 universities covered under UGC. The ILL libraries together subscribe for 2000 plus journals that is not available through consortia. Universities can request for articles from the journal holdings of those libraries wherever they find useful articles in JCCC search, that are now available in the that library.